Things I really really want to do before I die

By “really really want to do” I don’t just mean I want to do these stuff. I mean if I haven’t done these before I die, I’ll might wanna call my life a waste.

I’m not sure why I suddenly want to write this but I think it’s necessary. I think I’ll keep this post at the top and update this list once in a while, whenever I think of anything new. List items are unordered.

  • Visit Venice – Not started
  • Camp and hike the a trail. Preferably the Appalachian because I mean that’s where I’ve spent my college years – Before 2020
  • Publish a novel – IP
  • Become an Airbnb host or hostel owner… okay this one is far far away…

I think I’d better have another “really wanna do” list which contains stuff that almost makes the above list

  • Meet JK Rowling
  • Make my own bowl of pho
  • Dine at a Japanese restaurant. In Japan. (Airport doesn’t count)
  • Skydiving — I’ve had a heart attack when I was a kid so honestly I don’t dare to do that. maybe will try that when I’m too old or too sick to mind dying sooner…
  • Tattoo a Dark Mark on my forearm — also don’t dare to do because of my likelihood of getting tetanus 😦
  • Take a gap year or half a year to finish the first list…

And to remind myself that I really shouldn’t call my life a waste, here’s a list of something I had “really really wanna do,” and done:

  • Financially support myself. This is so normal that it probably shouldn’t count, but it’s my number one milestone
  • This probably shouldn’t count too but I wouldn’t call my life complete if I died never having kissed a boy
  • Live in USA for a few years — yes I was brainwashed this “American dream” when I was a kid, and it turned out not that bad
  • Solo traveled a foreign country which doesn’t include America – done countless times
  • Couchsurf-ed – Done in Feb 2013
  • Road trip-ed with myself as the primary driver – Done in Apr and July 2016
  • Went to Tibet in Apr 2015
  • Talked to Daniel Radcliffe and gave him a birthday present in July 2016
  • Captured a star trail!
  • Visit Jerusalem – Done in Oct 2017
  • Smoked weed – done in Jerusalem lolz


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